Please note: The nursery is no longer propagating plants at this time and is almost out of stock. Thank you all for your years of support!

Adam Kohl is the owner & operator of a native plant nursery specializing in (but not limited to): local and wild-origin seed, edible species, and custom nursery grows. The nursery is located at a private residence in Wendell, MA and open mostly by appointment.

Email to make an appointment, order plants, or get on the email list.

Click this link to view a Google Drive file of our current availability.

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We proudly use Neptune‚Äôs Harvest seaweed/fish fertilizer and compost tea. No neonics, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers. Plastics are purchased used from other native plant nurseries. 


Plugs (SureRoots 50 Deep Cell):

  • Plugs (regular size): $3-$4ea (species depending)
  • Ask about discounts on bulk purchases


Large Plugs (SureRoots 15 Deep Cell):

  • Plugs (large size): $6ea 
  • Ask about discounts on bulk purchases


  • 3″ pots: $7
  • 2qt pots: $10
  • 1gal pots: $20
  • Ask about discounts on bulk purchases